So it's been a tough couple of weeks in my world.  And it's likely going to be a tough couple more.  To apologies for the current and near-future absences.  Please know I am researching more properties outside of the NRHP list, and also compiling the RIP list of the demolished properties that I feel should never be forgotten.  I'm ALWAYS willing to check out suggestions from you all.  This hopefully a community project, and I appreciate all input!




So there's now 35 properties up!  It's a start, though it seems very slow when we're talking about hundreds of properties.  And the pages are a bit sloppy.  I think the rest of the evening and tomorrow will be polishing up these 35 before adding more.  

On another note, there's already 3 likes on the facebook page!  Welcome to my Firsts!  
So I've been working on the site for a couple of days now.  The Multnomah County map is complete and posted, and now I'm a fifth of the way though listing the National Register of Historic Places on this site.  I think I'm gonna take a break from listing and start working on the individual pages for the properties today.  Change of pace!